About Us

Who are we and why are we different?

If you are planning a wedding, party or event in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, don't hesitate to contact Events by Lynch today, our professional party planners will help you plan your perfect event!

Party Planner in PeterboroughEVENTS by LYNCH comprises full-time professional DJ and Wedding Entertainment Specialists Franck and Dominic Lynch, a father and son team. Between them, they offer over 40 years of experience in providing top quality professional DJ and party entertainment to audiences up, down and across the UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Poland and the USA. 

As well as specialising in Wedding Reception Parties that are vastly different from the average wedding entertainment normally provided to a bride and groom, EVENTS by LYNCH provide a first class mobile disco service for all event types ranging from Wedding Reception Parties, Civil Ceremony Celebrations, Adult Birthday Parties, Corporate Functions and much more including Divorce Parties. Want a Greek style wedding party, maybe like a Ceilidh, for your reception party or a bit of a Barn Dance? Give us a call to meet and discuss your vision over a coffee. No charge to talk to you. With our many years of experience, we guarantee great fun for you, your family and friends by making sure your day is Fun, Unique and Memorable. Whether it’s a Wedding Reception Party that’s wanted, a Corporate Function that’s different from the average Corporate Function or a Private Party that wants to be a party and not just an eating and drinking get together with background music, then you need to hear what we can do for you. Call us to talk over a coffee. We do not hide away behind mobile phone numbers popping up to only show our faces at the event when it may be too late to arrange something you had your heart set on.

Our Biography

Mobile Disco in PeterboroughAbout Franck

Franck is an experienced quality professional Wedding DJ and Wedding Entertainment Specialist and he is equally at home working a corporate event or private party.

He has a fervour for delivering high customer service and, having seen so many average boring weddings, is extremely passionate about our wedding entertainment service providing Fun, Unique and Memorable wedding reception parties.

About Dominic

Dom has the same ethics about providing top quality entertainment and very high quality customer service. Having travelled and lived abroad he has seen, experienced and delivered the kind of quality service that clients should expect by right.

Known locally as DJ Urb, he achieved the great distinction of beating a Guinness World Record of 84 hrs (3 ½ days) for the longest non-stop DJ club mix. Spinning a total of 1155 vinyl's, Dom achieved a marathon non-stop time in excess of 100 hrs (4 days plus). Guinness rules only permitted a 15 min break every 8 hrs, a maximum silence of 10 seconds in between tunes and no repeats within a 4hr period.

Dominic & I not only welcome playlists, we will actually create an amazing set around your list to keep your dance floor packed! Our ability to sense the audience mood is second to none and the range of music we have available covers a wide spectrum of tastes. Our music policy is to play your and your guests' choice of music - not ours. With advance knowledge we have the ability to supply and play to your musical taste whatever that may be. Your guests are encouraged to send us requests in advance of your wedding and everyone’s wishes on the day are taken into account where possible.

Having professional entertainers EVENTS by LYNCH supply your wedding reception party entertainment is one step towards a successful occasion, as many people have found out, so take that step now. Call to make arrangements to discuss over a coffee what we can do to make your function Fun, Unique and Memorable and start your journey to a great event.

We pride ourselves on being extremely dependable and very professional. Our thorough commitment ensures your event will be something to remember.

The Legal Stuff

We are legally required to have:

  • Public Liability Insurance (PLI) – To cover what it says in the title i.e. You!
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) – Ensures our electrical equipment doesn’t bring any shocking surprises
  • ProDub Licence – Allows us to legally digitise and copy our CD music onto a laptop.  Validate our registration - Click Here

Copies of these documents are available to you if requested.

If you are planning a mobile disco with a difference for your wedding or event, give Events By Lynch a call today.  We can't wait to show you what we can do!